With workforces returning back to practice throughout the UK, many employees will feel anxious entering back into a post-lockdown working environment.  In response, the UK government has unveiled plans for businesses to ‘take the next step, safely’ by providing twice weekly asymptomatic testing for all working environments across the country. 


This can be a daunting concept for many organisations. It is essential that testing is completed correctly, as a lateral flow test is only as accurate as its operator. In-house employee screening is often implemented by those with little or no experience, leading to mistakes. This can result in illness and staffing deficiencies.


We use only fully-qualified medical professionals, clinically trained to operate lateral flow testing cassettes. In the event of a detection of SARS-CoV-2, a gold-standard PCR test will be organised and delivered to your employee’s home and we will endeavour to have results available within a 24-hour period. 


  • Protect your staff.

  • Protect your customers.

  • Keep your working environment safe, open and operational.


Contact Sterling Testing to discuss a bespoke SARS-CoV-2 Screen and Be Safe package that works for your business.